16 Feb

  • By carshaltonadmin1

Year 7 Pirates Museum – 15.02.17

As part of their study on the novel Treasure Island, Year 7 did an SDL assignment on pirates. They were given the brief to create a museum exhibit that we could invite staff and students to come visit. Donovan created an animated video of Treasure Island and a Pirate Factsheet display, Tylan made a treasure hunt which ended with a treasure chest filled with scrolls of information on pirates and Dion presented a powerpoint on pirates as depicted in film. Tylan and Dion treated visitors to pirate music and dance. Kayla and Skye presented their work inside a beautiful chocolate cake in the shape of a treasure chest – they even included chocolate coins and honeycomb in chunks to look like gold pieces. Ferne presented information about life on pirate ships and the punishment they would face if they didn’t obey the captain. Felicia made a booklet about the 10 most famous pirates. Cheyenne compared historical to modern day pirates. Monty designed a map based on information in the novel. Jack did some fantastic drawings of pirates.

We welcomed visitors from Years 8-13, as well as many staff members. This was a brilliant example of how SDL can be used to inspire students to think, research, present their work and engage with topics in a new way.

Written By Miss Taylor