03 Feb

  • By carshaltonadmin1

Year 12 Visit JLR (Jaguar Landrover) In Solihull – Thursday 2nd February 2017


For the first time in their school career yr12 ALL arrive on time for the trip that had been excessively planned from the journey to the food and tours. However no one was prepared for the dramatic driving leading to casualty and a prolonged journey of 40 minutes making it 7 hours in a school bus which for those who haven’t been in one, is not a very positive experience. BUT, we made it an experience well enjoyed with homemade iced buns and cinnamon buns for breakfast, a homemade PA system and only one pee break on the way. Greeted by a couple of jolly brummies’’, we were stripped of all accessories, taught as to health and safety and given a brief overview of the business. Then with our high-vis on, we walked single file, which proved to be difficult at times, around the factory. From the pressing to the body in white (empty shell) to the final assembly line, we met robots more robots and finally humans. With 338 acres of land we travelled by bus to different parts of the production lines and the different areas of the final product, with a separate section just for celebrities we had a look at a special edition that had just come of the line for David Beckham, I expect it was Brooklyn’s weekly pocket money. Every car made to order, customized to whatever the client requires, which for Katie Price meant paying an extra £10,000 for a ‘pink’ range rover sport making the total £270,000. With 40 cars rolling out the building every hour their 12,000 employees struggle to stop even for the toilet! It’s not all bad working there though with a free car every 6 months and free medical service plus bragging rights. We then had a quick Q&A, by this time it felt like an earthquake with a few harmonious tummy rumbles coming from the direction of Royce and Brogan which is not surprising seeing as they have the largest stomachs to fill. We all got on the buses slightly shaky as to what was going to become of our strenuous journey home, we stopped off at Warwick only to find that we had about two options for our lunch. No problem for Sheldon who eats whatever comes his way as long as it is a good quantity!

Reminiscing on Mr Robbertze’s last trip we were hesitant to buy from KFC, however as our only option we brought our supplies for the way home. Although Beth caught her mouth on fire, we haven’t been ill as yet. Through all the trials and tests there was much tribulation and we finally arrived home at 5:00. Or some at five, the final bus made it home at ten past six with a smashed sunroof.