28 Nov

  • By carshaltonadmin1

Last Wednesday 23rd November 2016 Focus held an event at Exchange Place for the Parents and students of those that had achieved awards of success last year. From Kenley Campus the following students attended- Marcus Wheeler (Dux), Edwina Bastable (Gold) and Bethany Wheeler, Emma Hewison, Derry Hewison and Rochelle Ridewood who broke national sports records this year. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all and they found it motivating and inspiring.

Awards were presented on stage to the Sports winners, the double gold winners and National Dux’s from each region. Both breakfast and lunch were provided with a proper meal for the students and excellent music entertainment from both the Bramley Orchestra and the York school Band (The Grasshoppers).

A speech was made by a very talented speaker the manwiththeorangetie.com and he never failed to keep the crowd enthused and amused. One quote that a student took away from the day was “when you change the way you look at things, you see things differently and when you see them differently you struggle to see them the way you saw them before. It was a very enjoyable day for all and we look forward to more students attending next year!

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