13 Sep

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View the Records Below . Well Done Everyone – an Excellent 9 Records held by Kenley & Carshlton Campus!

Download the attached Focus Athletic Guide to help smash more of those records next time: focus_nationalathleticsguide-2016lr

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Event 2016 Record Holder Record Campus Date Record Set
Boys KS3 Shot-Put Kenton Nunn 10.78m Berkeley 07/07/2016
Girls KS3 Shot-Put Shania Small 8.26m Berkeley 07/07/2016
Boys KS4/5 Shot-Put Wyatt Cuckson 11.96m Bramley 01/07/2016
Girls KS4/5 Shot-Put Tanya Marsh 9.34m Swansea 07/07/2016
Boys KS3 Discus Riccardo Robertson 25.8m Knockloughrim 28/06/2016
Girls KS3 Discus Emily Worrod 19.75m Cambridge 13/07/2016
Boys KS4/5 Discus Lester Price 35.30m Stoke by Nayland 13/07/2016
Girls KS4/5 Discus Jenna Stevens 22.09m Swaffham 13/07/2016
Boys KS3 Javelin Morgan White 27.90m Stoke by Nayland 13/07/2016
Girls KS3 Javelin Chanel Jackson 17.50m York 08/07/2016
Boys KS4/5 Javelin Rohan Crawshaw 42.60m Swaffham 13/07/2016
Girls KS4/5 Javelin Jodi Jackson 20.8m Cottingham 08/07/2016
Boys KS3 Long Jump Christaan Kerr 5.40m Stoke Poges 04/05/2016
Girls KS3 Long Jump Trudy Hardwick 4.34m Ochil 03/05/2016
Boys KS4/5 Long Jump Wyatt Tuffin 5.89m Wilton 11/07/2016
Girls KS4/5 Long Jump Tabitha Robertson 4.95m Stoke Poges 04/05/2016
Boys KS3 High Jump Curtis Denny 1.70m Biggleswade 13/07/2016
Girls KS3 High Jump Cassia Wade 1.36m Cottingham 08/07/2016
Boys KS4/5 High Jump Denver Birch 1.83m Long Eaton 01/07/2016
Girls KS4/5 High Jump

Tied place:

Verona Ross

Bronwyn Smart










Boys KS4/5 Triple Jump Jonathan Evershed 11.80m Swaffham 13/07/2016
Girls KS4/5 Triple Jump  Emma Hewison 9.30m Kenley & Carshalton 07/07/2016
Boys KS3 4x100m Relay 52.30s Biggleswade/Cambridge 13/07/2016
Girls KS3 4x100m Relay 58.19s Biggleswade/Cambridge 13/07/2016
Boys KS4/5 4x100m Relay   47.37s Biggleswade/Cambridge 13/07/2016
Girls KS4/5 4x100m Relay 57.45s Biggleswade/Cambridge 13/07/2016
Boys KS3 80m Hurdles Curtis Denny 12.48s Biggleswade 13/07/2016
Girls KS3 80m Hurdles Rochelle Ridewood 13.82s Kenley & Carshalton 07/05/2016
Boys KS4/5 80m Hurdles Chester Cowley 10.91s Kenley & Carshalton 07/07/2016
Girls KS4/5 80m Hurdles Bethany Wheeler 13.63s Kenley & Carshalton 07/07/2016
Boys KS3 100m Race Derry Hewison 12.28s Kenley & Carshalton 07/07/2016
Girls KS3 100m Race Rochelle Ridewood 13.78s Kenley & Carshalton 07/07/2016
Boys KS4/5 100m Race Chester Cowley 10.96s Kenley & Carshalton 07/07/2016
Girls KS4/5 100m Race Bethany Wheeler 13.48s Kenley & Carshalton 07/07/2016
Boys KS3 200m Race Wayde Griffiths 24.33s Gloucester 18/07/2016
Girls KS3 200m Race Rochelle Ridewood 27.11s Kenley & Carshalton 07/07/2016
Boys KS4/5 200m Race Denleigh Carvell 23.90s Swaffham 13/07/2016
Girls KS4/5 200m Race Marilla Woodcock 28.13s Linton Park 12/07/2016
Boys KS3 300m Race Ronan Boyt 42.24s Biggleswade 13/07/2016
Girls KS4/5 300m Race Bronwyn Smart 47.29s Cambridge 13/07/2016
Boys KS4/5 400m Race Terry Brock 53.44m Cambridge 13/07/2016
Boys KS3 800m Race Jack Trevvett 2:18.69s Hornby 08/07/2016
Girls KS3 800m Race Elise Barter 2:45.27s Wilton 11/07/2016
Boys KS4/5 800m Race Blake Barter 2:06.33s Wilton 11/07/2016
Girls KS4/5 800m Race Bronwyn Smart 2:35.59s Cambridge 13/07/2016
Boys KS3 1500m Race Llewellyn Harvey 4:57.72s Biggleswade 13/07/2016
Girls KS3 1500m Race Georgia Bedford 6:14.82s Long Eaton 01/07/2016
Boys KS4/5 1500m Race Terry Brock 4:35.82s Cambridge 13/07/2016
Girls KS4/5 1500m Race Millie Fentiman 5:30.30s Cambridge 13/07/2016