Dear Parents, 

Welcome to our Kenley & Carshalton Campus website. Our aim is to keep you up to date with events, activities and news.

Students have a wide range of indoor and outdoor space on both campuses and this helps us to enrich the learning opportunities of our students. It is the Trustees aim to bring both Primary and Secondary students onto one campus at Kenley. Plans have been put forward for this and we anticipate that this will happen in the near future.

We have high standards and expect the best from all of our students academically, socially and pastorally. At Kenley and Carshalton our students are keen to achieve the best academically and give their all in house competitions, music, the arts and sport. They arrive in year 3 and leave at the end of year 13 as well rounded, mature individuals ready to face the world of work. All students move directly into employment, with many continuing their education through CAP and correspondence courses. Many of our students move rapidly into leadership and management and continue to run successful businesses. 

We ensure that all of our students enjoy extra-curricular activities and there is a strong competitive element in relation to sport. Students participate in a wide range of trips and activities related to their studies and there is a close link between school and community. 

Staff at both campuses are dedicated to ensuring standards are high and provide the best quality education within the classroom and beyond. Staff undertake training and INSET regularly to ensure that they are always ahead and the students gain the best education possible. We support the strategy of SDL (Self Directed Learning) and encourage our students to become, independent, forward thinking, challenging and analytical young adults. We develop in our students the skills to face the world of the future. This is not always providing the answers, but the skills to find solutions and develop as individuals. 

We are proud of our students and staff.  

An outstanding school – never stands still. This is our aim and our mission. 

Kim.L.Popratnjak MBE, Head Teacher