Teaching at any Focus School and Kenley or Carshalton in particular is an exceptional job to have. It is simply, and without doubt the ultimate place for any teacher to be. Having been a Focus School teacher you will find other positions very difficult indeed.

Because teaching here is such a privilege it is critically important that only the very best are selected and work here.

Why is it so good?

For a start the drive and emphasis on excellence from every student will not be matched anywhere else.

Behaviour and attitude within the students is unmatched.

Student engagement through student voice is of the highest order- anyone wanting to work here has to get past their exacting standards before anything else.

Parental support is seen as a key factor.  Parent’s evenings and events where Mums, Dads and wider family members come in are essential to keeping and maintaining that strong link.

Trustees and the CA team are there to offer the highest level of governance support and challenge that you will have come across.

All in all, working at Kenley will be the ultimate highlight of any teacher’s career.

If you are driven by a passion for excellence, if you want to go the extra mile, if teaching consumes you then this is the school for you!