The curriculum and timetable at Kenley & Carshalton Campus is in line with the Focus School policy which can be found here.


The document above outlines the general approach of the Focus Learning Trust.


Key Stage 2

The national curriculum is taught at KS2 and there is a great emphasis on developing the wider literacy and numeracy skills of the students. The development of the whole student is a critical aspect of what we do and a wide range of enrichment for the students is an essential element of what we do.

Additional provision includes

  • Music
  • Art
  • Trips and visits
  • Choir
  • Wider community engagement including charity events and fundraising activities

At the end of Key Stage 2 all of our students take part in national SATS tests which further validates the curriculum provision and impact.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8)

We have the huge advantage over other schools that we have one site that supports and provides for all children from Year 3-13. The transition dip which is a nationally recognised issue for children across the United Kingdom is an issue we can manage and impact on significantly. The transition to ‘big school’ is always a huge step for student. Our commitment is that we support every child and manage this potentially difficult period in the most effective way possible.

All students have access to the following at Key Stage 3 :-

English, maths, science, history, geography, DT including textiles and food, PE and ICT

Key Stage 4

We are rightly proud of what we offer to our students at Key Stage 4. As a school that has a comprehensive intake of student ability yet is significantly above the national average we are committed to have an appropriate provision for the needs of our students and the career pathways they will have. Students study English literature and language, mathematics and statistics, a modern foreign language, history and geography and both core science along with additional science.  The provision is also enhanced by PE and further enrichment from study skills sessions and choir. The students have many opportunities to deepen their input into charitable activities and engage in visits to further strengthen the provision they have. We are committed to ensure that a regularly reviewed curriculum meets the needs of every student.

Our Secondary School Development Advisor ensures the provision that we offer is comprehensive and meets all of the required standards. ALIS testing at the conclusion of Year 11 continues the Focus Learning Trust commitment to validating earlier testing that provides us with predictions for A Level outcomes. This becomes an important piece of supportive evidence to ensure every one of our students are placed in the most appropriate course of study.

Key Stage 5

Our 6th form provision is constantly developed and deepened to ensure that the needs of all students are met. A meaningful provision that blends quality first teaching and bespoke support to cater for individual needs offers superb provision.  Meeting the career needs of our students is essential in our drive to fully equip every student for the world of work. These subjects are supported by English and maths for all students. DT, German and Chemistry are clear examples of a model of provision that is driven by student need.

There is keen interest in students who compete for the prestigious Dux Award which celebrates the highest achieving  student (based on the best three A Levels)


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